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Cedarwood essential oil, the red root


The western cedar is a magical tree.  The photograph above is of a tree located in Whistler BC, on a trail I used to walk nearly every day.  I would stop and visit this grove, and sit on the roots of this tree.  He is enormous and gorgeous.  Just look at that color. 

I’ve been using cedarwood essential oil for years as a healing oil, and the scent is absolutely incredible.  I also use it in my base notes for perfume.  It is sweet and earthy and very comforting.

I thought I’d list seven essential oils to correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers of the body, and this is the first.  This red root tree is appropriately connected to our red root chakra at the base of the spine.  I place a drop or so on my tailbone at night to bring all my scattered energy back into my body, and ground me in the hours I spend regenerating during the night.

The western red cedar is indeed a magnificent creation, and I encourage anyone to use this oil as part of healing and grounding the base/instinctive part of ourselves that provides us with a sense of stability and security.  It is a completely different oil than “virginia cedar”, however western cedar is also known as “atlas cedar”.  When in doubt ask your supplier.

In closing I’d like to include an amazing photograph of one of the oldest living things on the planet, at 2,500 years old.  This cedar is called the “Cheewhat Lake Cedar” in southern British Columbia.

“Less than 100 km, as the eagle flies, from Sooke lives Canada’s largest known tree, the Cheewhat Lake Cedar. This Western red cedar (Thuja plicata – thoo-yuh ply-kay-tuh) is 18.34 m/60.2 ft in circumference and 55.5 m/182 ft in height.  It is the second largest known tree of its type on the planet.”

courtesy of Cheryl Young's Blog

courtesy of Cheryl Young's Blog

Apparently the largest is in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula.  You can read more about the Cheewhat Giant at Cheryl Young’s Blog.

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