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Temperance, the patience/impatience paradox


This card came up today.  I tend to slip in a one-card reading online every few days. For those of you so inclined, is easy and provides a useful and brief interpretation.

I love this card for so many reasons… balance, one foot on the earth one in water, water and wine blending between the goblets, many metaphors present and useful when receiving this card.  Also, its placement between “death” and the “devil” is insightful — death, too much emphasis on martyrdom, devil, too much with compulsions, temperance, finding the balance.  This card feels so much better to me than the other ‘balance’ card of  Justice and the false sign of Libra — the coldness of Libra’s metal scales and Justice’s blindfoldedness both scream of dispassion and lack of mercy to me.

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