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Artichokes, tough with a good heart


For the past few weeks I have been obsessively eating marinated artichoke hearts.  Being of Italian descent, I grew up on these little morsels at family gatherings where they play a prominent role in antipasto before the main meal.  Usually you can find them on this appetizer platter next to the genoa salami.

These days I’ve been eating a jar at a time along with a package of bocaccini, otherwise known as fresh mozzarella balls.  This is a perfect summer meal, no turning on the stove and eating hot food when the air itself is nearly body temperature.

I had a vague idea about the health benefits of the artichoke, but not enough to put the pieces together until now.  Because for me, and perhaps for many of us, summertime also brings in lots of beer drinking.  So it seems no coincidence that the artichoke is beneficial for liver cleansing {being a thistle} as well as regulating blood sugar {and I tend towards being hypoglycemic}.  Here’s a page on the health benefits of the artichoke:

So the moral of the story is, and has continued to be for me:  eat what you crave.  Contrary to what we’ve been taught about disciplining our diets and to eat what we don’t crave, I’ve learned to listen to my body… grab the food that’s calling to me at the market.  More times than not it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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