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“The Fifth Element”


Today I changed the look of this blog.  I needed a change, I wanted to convey a different feeling in me.  So I browsed all of wordpress’s blog themes and found this one, with the intention of switching up most of the colors.  When I activated this new theme, however, the font colors of orange and electric blue were not changeable.  I’ve never been a huge fan of bright orange, and even less so of bright blue.  But, as I played around with the background color, the orange and blue grew on me and I decided this new theme wasn’t so bad after all.

A couple of hours later, I went downstairs and flicked through my housemate’s television channels.  “The Fifth Element” was about to start, and although I hadn’t seen it in years, it had played a big part in my awakening to the concept of the term that is the title of my blog and my perfume line, and introduced me to the world of alchemy.

I sat down to watch the film.  After about half an hour, I noticed a color theme was becoming more and more obvious… bright orange and bright blue.  It was unmistakable, all throughout the movie, there they were, these two colors, particularly when the Infinite Being was on screen with our hero, Korben Dallas.

The themes in this film about alchemy as metaphor for the masculine/feminine bonding are incredible and just as unmistakable as the color theme “coincidence” that I had inadvertantly created in my life, as a small example of the magical world of synchronicity.

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