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Geranium Essential Oil, a hug in a bottle



I felt the need to make an entry about geranium essential oil, also known as Rose Geranium.  Not the familiar geraniums in window boxes around town, these flowers are from the Pelargonium or “lemon plant” family.

A true mood lifter, geranium not only works deeply on emotions as an antidepressant and sedative, it is beneficial for many physical ailments including diabetes, throat infections and even infertility.

One of the most economical ways to heal on so many levels, in various ways.  Cosmetically, it’s great to add to body lotions and face moisturizers to rejuvenate skin and keep it glowing and youthful.  Put a drop on your pillowcase at bedtime to relax and drift off easier.  Place a few drops in a small spritzer bottle containing either water or witch hazel, and spray the air, linens, face, whatever!

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