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The incredible world of Etsy


Well, I finally listed two more perfumes on Etsy.  Yay!  BUTTER and CELESTE, the earth and air partnering, are similar to LAKE and FLAMBE, the fire and water twins, only these two newer ones have higher frequency oils — and higher priced oils —  in them, and are priced accordingly.

I’m so excited to have all four elements now represented at the shop, with only RUBY, the quintessence representative, still being formulated.  She will be the most expensive, with organic Bulgarian Rose as the center of the fragrance.  I purchase the smallest amount possible at one time, due to monetary deficiency  — last I checked this coveted oil was listed at $350 for a 1/2 ounce bottle.  Yikes!  But so worth it, if you can manage.

I’m really looking forward to shopping around at Etsy, which I haven’t done a whole lot of, I must admit.  What I’ve seen lately is truly incredible.   I made a “treasury”, which you can view here — it was so much fun to create I don’t even care if they ever use it.  I’m sure I’ll make many more.

As soon as Ruby is formulated, I will post all about it here, and the parfums/4 elements page will be updated.  It will be less complicated, maybe only 5 or 6 oils, so the rose can really shine.  Off I go to my little wooden desk to work out the recipe.

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