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Body language


courtesy of onesilentwinter

sometimes i lay awake thinking of what you must have seen in your lifetime. not knowing anything about where you came from hurts my soul. your kind eyes and scars make me love you so. i wish you could use words to tell me about it all.. for now i will read what i can in your eyes and in the majestic way you carry yourself my dear, dear tolstoy. — posted by onesilentwinter

The above image and words are from a wonderful blog I came upon called photografille.  As a horse in Chinese astrology, I am always drawn to images of them, to study their expressive eyes or admire their awesome bodies in motion.  This photograph really caught me and when I clicked on it I entered a truly special blog.

The elemental kingdom has so much to teach us I can’t even really put it into words.  Which is what the poem is about.  Witnessing flora and fauna is such a gift.  Even when I drive on the highway and see a field of sheep or bulls grazing, I am transfixed.  The unspoken complexity of animals, plants and the four elements will never cease to amaze me.

Thank you, onesilentwinter and photografille, for such a lovely entry.

On a related note, I felt the need to include a photograph as homage to the suffering that’s occuring within the elemental kingdom in the Gulf area.  I ended up on a website called and saw this heartbreaking image.

courtesy of - AFP/Getty Images

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