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The earth element, like air, is all around us.  Even if you live in an urban area, you can usually find a way to have some earthiness in your surroundings.  In fact I would highly recommend getting something earth-oriented into your home if you don’t have a back yard or trees around your windows.  If you can’t seem to keep a plant alive, there are other ways to bring in the earth element.  Wooden furniture is a great way, or a collection of rocks from a river hiking trip or day at the beach.  Just the simple act of holding a rock in our hands can connect us with the earth element, grounding us and making us feel more centered.

While looking for an image of the animal best to illustrate earth, I was immediately drawn to rabbits.  They live underground, they are soft and sweet and everyone loves bunnies.  But my perfume for this element is called Butter and somehow I felt the need to look at photos of little lambs.  Perfect!  But I’m gonna slip in an adorable photo of a rabbit at the end of this post, because I cannot resist.

The perfume I created for the earth element is an effort to recall its name:  a smooth, sweet and comforting scent.




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