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I used to write down my dreams each and every night.  I knew it was important.  I had a pad and pen on the nightstand and as soon as my eyes opened I would reach over and scribble it all down before all was forgotten.  Like trying to hold a handful of sand, dreams quickly slip away and then there’s no reclaiming them.

I’m a firm believer in the significance of the subconscious and that dreams are a powerful way to interpret what we don’t consciously understand about ourselves and human nature.  Of course I am aware that many people think dreams are random and full of silly things we happen to come across during the day.  But some people are like me, and I don’t think it’s a waste of time to make note of what goes on during those 6 to 8 hours we lie there apparently unconscious.

I’ve read enough Jung — and Jung-experts — to know that certain people in our lives represent certain things to us.  The aunt who always gave you advice on your love life, the boy down the street who always teased you, these are the imprints of people who revisit us in the dreamstate.  They are the archetypes of our lives and often appear in the dream world.

The concept of sleeping is so strange.  One third of our time is spent unconscious, there must be a reason for it besides being tired.  I haven’t been writing my dreams down like I used to.  But the pad and pen are close by and when someone from the past repeatedly shows up in my dreams, I scribble it down and reflect on the story that’s trying to be told there.   I will continue on, making an effort to get those dreams on paper before they trickle away like sand.  Before I go to sleep I make sure the pad and pen are, if not on the nightstand, at least on the nearby desk.  And I always, always put on a few drops of essential oil just before turning off the light.

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