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golden eagle - wikimedia

Air is the most urgent element for us, I would say.  Without air we cannot live for more than a few minutes.  Like fire, we cannot touch it but unlike any other element we cannot see it.  We can feel it only when it moves swiftly enough to cause pressure against our skin.  Like fire, it is masculine and alchemically partners with feminine earth.  An example of “air” in personality is people who are constantly on the move, talk quickly about many different things in short periods and change their minds a lot or are fair weather friends.

When thinking about how to create a perfume to represent air, I focused on the mystery of night air.  Hence the name, Celeste, in honor of the celestial magnificence of stargazing.  I imagined a hot summer night, walking through a garden with all the flowers releasing their fragrance, and the lawn had been mowed a few hours earlier so the grass is letting off its scent, too.  The sky is a deep, dark blue and a bird sings his last song for the evening.


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