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essential oils, parfums and more


Well, I just started up an Etsy shop, as well as one on a new place called Craft Is Art. I’m super excited about it, since I’ve been using essential oils on myself for nearly 8 years and have found them to be incredibly healing. After a few years of using drops of single oils for emotional and mental upliftment, I began to use them in my lotions and facial oils for skin rejuvenation. WOW have I seen amazing results in all of these areas.

In the past few years I have been experimenting with creating traditional, French-style parfums using only pure therapeutic grade essential oils in a base of high quality cognac. I have looked all over the internet and in health shops and don’t see anybody making this type of product. Mostly I found “Perfume Oils” which are essential oils in a base of jojoba oil. Very nice but not Perfume. And then those that are true perfume and calling themselves “therapeutic grade” are not. Invariably they contain an “absolute” as opposed to an essential oil. Absolutes are made by using petro-chemicals like hexane to extract the properties of the plant. There is a new technology being developed called CO2 extraction, and it seems to be non-toxic, but steam-distillation is the tried and true method of achieving a therapeutic grade essential oil. Please consider this information when making your purchases. I will post more on this in future discussions.

To me, the invention of what we know as Perfume in Italy and France was based on the knowledge that very high quality alcohol added something to the benefits of the oils. That is why the nobility would pay such incredibly high prices for their parfums, because they knew the compound of essential oils with brandy or cognac was uniquely healing. In alchemy — and many perfumemakers were into alchemy — this unique synergy from the result of blending special ingredients together is called “the fifth element”. I hope you will return to this blog as I continue to discuss my feelings and discoveries about the wonderful world of essential oils and how they can be incorporated into our everyday lives of beauty and pleasure.

perfume made with essential oils and cognac

Traditional French-style Perfume made exclusively with therapeutic grade essential oil and cognac

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  1. joniprittie permalink
    2010/06/06 7:33 am

    What a wonderful blog. I can’t wait for more!
    Thank yu!!!

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