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Cedarwood essential oil, the red root


The western cedar is a magical tree.  The photograph above is of a tree located in Whistler BC, on a trail I used to walk nearly every day.  I would stop and visit this grove, and sit on the roots of this tree.  He is enormous and gorgeous.  Just look at that color. 

I’ve been using cedarwood essential oil for years as a healing oil, and the scent is absolutely incredible.  I also use it in my base notes for perfume.  It is sweet and earthy and very comforting.

I thought I’d list seven essential oils to correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers of the body, and this is the first.  This red root tree is appropriately connected to our red root chakra at the base of the spine.  I place a drop or so on my tailbone at night to bring all my scattered energy back into my body, and ground me in the hours I spend regenerating during the night.

The western red cedar is indeed a magnificent creation, and I encourage anyone to use this oil as part of healing and grounding the base/instinctive part of ourselves that provides us with a sense of stability and security.  It is a completely different oil than “virginia cedar”, however western cedar is also known as “atlas cedar”.  When in doubt ask your supplier.

In closing I’d like to include an amazing photograph of one of the oldest living things on the planet, at 2,500 years old.  This cedar is called the “Cheewhat Lake Cedar” in southern British Columbia.

“Less than 100 km, as the eagle flies, from Sooke lives Canada’s largest known tree, the Cheewhat Lake Cedar. This Western red cedar (Thuja plicata – thoo-yuh ply-kay-tuh) is 18.34 m/60.2 ft in circumference and 55.5 m/182 ft in height.  It is the second largest known tree of its type on the planet.”

courtesy of Cheryl Young's Blog

courtesy of Cheryl Young's Blog

Apparently the largest is in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula.  You can read more about the Cheewhat Giant at Cheryl Young’s Blog.

Temperance, the patience/impatience paradox


This card came up today.  I tend to slip in a one-card reading online every few days. For those of you so inclined, is easy and provides a useful and brief interpretation.

I love this card for so many reasons… balance, one foot on the earth one in water, water and wine blending between the goblets, many metaphors present and useful when receiving this card.  Also, its placement between “death” and the “devil” is insightful — death, too much emphasis on martyrdom, devil, too much with compulsions, temperance, finding the balance.  This card feels so much better to me than the other ‘balance’ card of  Justice and the false sign of Libra — the coldness of Libra’s metal scales and Justice’s blindfoldedness both scream of dispassion and lack of mercy to me.

Artichokes, tough with a good heart


For the past few weeks I have been obsessively eating marinated artichoke hearts.  Being of Italian descent, I grew up on these little morsels at family gatherings where they play a prominent role in antipasto before the main meal.  Usually you can find them on this appetizer platter next to the genoa salami.

These days I’ve been eating a jar at a time along with a package of bocaccini, otherwise known as fresh mozzarella balls.  This is a perfect summer meal, no turning on the stove and eating hot food when the air itself is nearly body temperature.

I had a vague idea about the health benefits of the artichoke, but not enough to put the pieces together until now.  Because for me, and perhaps for many of us, summertime also brings in lots of beer drinking.  So it seems no coincidence that the artichoke is beneficial for liver cleansing {being a thistle} as well as regulating blood sugar {and I tend towards being hypoglycemic}.  Here’s a page on the health benefits of the artichoke:

So the moral of the story is, and has continued to be for me:  eat what you crave.  Contrary to what we’ve been taught about disciplining our diets and to eat what we don’t crave, I’ve learned to listen to my body… grab the food that’s calling to me at the market.  More times than not it’s just what the doctor ordered.

“The Fifth Element”


Today I changed the look of this blog.  I needed a change, I wanted to convey a different feeling in me.  So I browsed all of wordpress’s blog themes and found this one, with the intention of switching up most of the colors.  When I activated this new theme, however, the font colors of orange and electric blue were not changeable.  I’ve never been a huge fan of bright orange, and even less so of bright blue.  But, as I played around with the background color, the orange and blue grew on me and I decided this new theme wasn’t so bad after all.

A couple of hours later, I went downstairs and flicked through my housemate’s television channels.  “The Fifth Element” was about to start, and although I hadn’t seen it in years, it had played a big part in my awakening to the concept of the term that is the title of my blog and my perfume line, and introduced me to the world of alchemy.

I sat down to watch the film.  After about half an hour, I noticed a color theme was becoming more and more obvious… bright orange and bright blue.  It was unmistakable, all throughout the movie, there they were, these two colors, particularly when the Infinite Being was on screen with our hero, Korben Dallas.

The themes in this film about alchemy as metaphor for the masculine/feminine bonding are incredible and just as unmistakable as the color theme “coincidence” that I had inadvertantly created in my life, as a small example of the magical world of synchronicity.

A new look



A lot has been going on in my life these days, and after much emotional processing I decided the look and feel of this blog needed to reflect my current feelings and mood.  We all have our hopes and dreams in this world, for our lives, and when they don’t arrive as soon as we’d like, we are forced to deal with the paradox of impatience/patience.  I don’t want the “wrong” outcome, and yet I want the outcome now!  But ultimately, patience prevails, with impatience sitting by with her arms crossed, muttering something about passivity and weaknesses.  Patience touches her sister on the shoulder, and eventually they both have a good cry, with another sister who can hold the balance there to comfort them both.

At least that’s how it feels to me right now.  I am so thankful to have the oils close at hand during times of sorrow and grief, their ability to soothe the wounds of life is remarkable.



Witches by Goya

There is hardly anything more crippling than anxiety.   Brother of terror and despair, cousin of guilt and shame, prey of rage and blame, this debilitating emotion can sink us down into a dark sea of endless confusion and self hatred and paralysis.

These are the times when self love is more important than ever.

Music men that move me, 3 generations, live!